How to Conquer Your Fear Of the Dentists

1. Take someone with you.

We know it may be embarrassing to ask someone to accompany you to the dentist but we promise, it’s our best piece of advice. Having someone there to make conversation and hold your hand if you need it is great. It is a great tool to have someone your trust with you and having a distraction is the best way to take your focus off the thing itself.

Tip: make sure the person you take with you is confident in the dentist (you don’t want to end up with someone else that is afraid as it will make you feel worse).

2. Get a distraction.

If you can’t get someone to go with you then find a distraction. Use your mobile to watch Netflix or listen to music whilst you’re in the waiting area. Whilst you’re in the dentist chair think of fun events that you have coming up – things you can look forward to. This trick really works a treat as your mind will focus on positive things.

3. Express your fear.

Let your dentist know you are feeling a bit anxious as they will tailor their experience to make it easier for you. They are there to help you so tell them what you do and don’t like and they will accommodate your requests.

4. Don’t look in the past.

Most fear comes from past experiences. No two visits will be the same, so just remember that!

Please, get in contact with your Cardiff Dental Clinic.